I built my saw mills for under $1200.00

using all local materials or much less using salvaged materials.

 *Must be able to Cut, Weld and THINK

*People both Male & Female ages 14-83

have built their saw mills using these plans.

*Construction time  30 to 150 hours depending on experience.

                 Proven design with over 1000 confirmed completions

           For your copies of THE SIMPLE SAW  booklets versions 1 & 2

                           $37 USA  funds w/free shipping  within the USA 

                           $50 USA funds w/free shipping outside the USA


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                  Over 7000 copies sent World Wide since 1995

DIY Home Made Saw Mill Plans

    D.I.Y. Homemade Saw Mill

                                      "The Simple Saw "


                                         William S. Rake


 *Minimum Power 3 HP Electric or 5 HP Gasoline


 *Cuts 28" Diameter as per drawings


 *Has also been made 16" 24" 36" and 48"

  *Machine shop helpful but not required.


 *Tools needed: Welder,Grinder,

    Metal Saw, Drill,File & Clamps


  *Helpful tools: Belt sander & Lathe