DIY Home Made Saw Mill Plans

Dozer built By William S Rake

Foot Note:

Bill's 3 sons all built versions of this sawmill while they were teens and in their early 20's.

Bill  made reference to them in his instruction booklet. Bill's 3 sons went on to build their own families that any normal person would be proud of. 

Bill passed away 2017      Site being run by family.

Trike built 


William S Rake

Who is William S. Rake?

        William S. Rake: Born Feb. 15 1940.    Married Patricia A. Sprankle July 1965       5 Children & 18 Grandchildren

  After 8 years in the US Air Force he had 45 different jobs between 1965 and 1981. Between jobs he would build things.

He has built over 2000 trailers,many tow dollies,toe bars,tow trucks, attachments for farm equipment,Mini-tractors and many other things.

In 1982 he became independent and never looked for another job.

Instead he started building specialty saws. He built over 100 different saw mills.

Burnt out on saw mills he built mini dozers,dirt screens,power rolls,cement mixers,backhoe attachments,blades,buckets,presses,

log splitters, pedal cars,pedal Trikes,casting machines,houses,pole buildings and many other things.

On rainy days he would write poetry,short stories and tall tales.

He could look at a pile of junk and see building material. Ideas came faster than he could build.

Today there are many unfinished projects and many semi-trailers full of  stuff.

Only recently did William realize that he had suffered all his life from severe depression.

It was this depression that made him unable to hold a job. Learning the root of the problem has made William a much better grandpa than he was a father.

                                     Copyright 2006 William S. Rake